The Richest Man in Inyo County (urkadur) wrote in chessparents,
The Richest Man in Inyo County

A little about me

My story:

I began playing chess against an Apple ][ at age 7. Dabbled with it until I was 13. That's when my physics teacher encouraged us to play each other after class. I spent that year getting consistently whipped by A)the other kids in my physics class, and B)Sargon III.

While I never embraced chess obsessively, I was encouraged to pursue the sciences through that teacher; whether chess is responsible for my becoming an engineer, I can't say. At the very least my mind associates the two.

I played occasionally in college, although frankly most "chess people" gave me the willies, and I had better things to do.

My nephew asked me to start a chess club at the start of last school year, and I've spent the past year teaching a group of 30-40 elementary school kids. Now I'm hooked.

My group of kids don't play competitively, and I'm not particularly pushing them that way. Later, if anybody shows up here (*sniff*) I might talk particulars of our first year at chess club. Thanks for dropping by.

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