A Tumbuka lad in exile (tiwonge) wrote in chessparents,
A Tumbuka lad in exile

Question about nationals


I'm not a chess parent, but this community turned up when I did a search for Scholastic chess. I'm a chess coach for a high school--a relatively new high school program, and relatively inexperienced. This is our third year competing in Arizona (where chess is under the organization of AIA, like other sports such as football, basketball, etc.), and for the first time, my kids here are relatively successful. Not as good as some of the big-city schools (we're a tiny, private, Catholic school on the Navajo reservation in northern AZ), but good enough to compete among other northern AZ schools.

Some of my best players are now seniors--they're the ones who have been with me for the last 3 years, competing and growing and learning. After another northern AZ school mentioned going to Nationals (in Nashville this year), I thought we might consider that--we're at about the same level as they are.

Does anybody have any experience with Nationals? I don't want to take them there only to embarass them not do well. (And I want to see them get more serious about the study of chess, too.) What kind of talent range is there at Nationals? I guess I'm just trying to decide whether it's worth the effort of fund-raising and missing a couple days of school.
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