Frisco Del Rosario (cattekin) wrote in chessparents,
Frisco Del Rosario

Early accolades for A First Book of Morphy

"[E]very bit as good as I hoped, a superb piece of work. ... [I]t's good to encounter an author who is logical, organized, coherent, thoughtful, conscious of wordplay, mindful of details, and knows how to spin a useful metaphor. It's a pleasure to read. ... A lot of thinking went into the planning of this book, and [the author has] distilled that thinking into a simple framework that anyone can appreciate. "

"A signal accomplishment … the best book on Morphy I've ever seen. .... An instant classic."

"It's a thing of beauty, and [the author] ought to be proud."

"My wife likes [the] book, and she's not even a chessplayer."

Examine moves that smite. Use inactive force. Play chess like a genius.
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